UK Meds- The Brief

Already a highly tuned website for conversion and a successful business, UK Meds had hit the ceiling. They needed to think big and go after a more significant share of the pie. Turn those mobile visitors into a conversion number that resembled desktop numbers. Research, refocus, redesign, rebuild and PWA - all within three months.

I focussed on one word during this overhaul, and that was: trust. A big part of any transaction is trusting the vendor but especially so when buying prescription drugs online. With the benefits of PWA, we stripped away everything and started from scratch from the home page to check out to the process involving the doctors and pharmacists who eventually approve the drugs.



Discovery Facilitator


Reporting & Documenting

Information Architecture



rich & Documentation


Included but not limited to: analytics reviews, customer, customers services & stake holder surveys and interviews. As well as design workshops and customer recordings.

UK Meds Sitemap


UK Meds Home Mobile WireframeUK Meds Register Mobile WireframeUK Meds Treatments Mobile Wireframe
UK Meds Cart Mobile WireframeUK Meds Payment WireframeUK Meds Product Detail Mobile Wireframe


UK Meds Mobile HomeUK Meds Product Detail MobileUK Meds Register Mobile


Getting the mobile right was extremely important and the focus of the design thinking and doing. All mobile layouts were created before desktop.


UK Meds Homepage
UK Meds Product Detail
UK Meds Questions
UK Meds Checkout

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135% ↑

Increase in new sessions

116% ↑

Increase in site users

116% ↑

Increase in returning visitors


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