Always Fresh


AF — Always Fresh is the new kid on the block for those must-have, limited stock trainers. Never up-selling or an auction, always selling the trainers at RRP.

I designed an experience that was simple but stylish to look at, easy to navigate but powerful under the bonnet, allowing shoppers and the sneaker connoisseur to find their shoe quickly.

You shop with your eyes. Making the shoe itself stand out was a key objective—a powerful, elegant and straightforward user interface.

Always Fresh

A fresh experience for fresh kicks

Just showing multiple sides of a shoe via a carousel of images is old hat and we knew we could do better. Modelling the shoes in 3D meant we could showcase the shoe better and allow any user to zoom, pinch and look around any shoe.

We increased the confidence of shoppers by giving users the ability to look closer at any shoe and in turn, giving an above-average conversion rate for the industry.

3D models allowed the Always Fresh brand and app stand above the rest and cut through a crowded market place.

High expectations

Users, especially generation Z expect more than just another web experience in an app. From day one, we knew that animations would play a critical part in making this app stay installed on the most fickle of the user’s device.

Experimenting and using technologies such as WebGL and Three.js allowed us to make the experience that little bit special.

Always Fresh - Product Screen Designs

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