Jack's Flight Club


Jack's Flight Club is offering members cheap flight deals from the United Kingdom, Ireland & Continental Europe. They monitor price fluctuations and highlight cheap fares, whether a result of price drops or a mistake fare. 

The aim was to add life and energy to the product as well as increase its visual appeal. The previous app lacked flair. General browsing and repeat visitor numbers were low, so we also had to come up with a way of increasing the attention span of our users.

I introduced a new style guide, layout structure and theme, cleaned the layout, making it easier to use and intertwined the inspirational side of travel, which increased time spent, repeat traffic and sharing numbers.

Jacks Flight Club

Cheap flights and big adventures

The previous app had a confusing onboarding process that also reflected poorly on the brand.

I removed all unnecessary data and visual clutter, making the onboarding clean and easy to understand. I kept but toned down the childlike aspect of the existing brand and language.

Jacks Flight Club - Mobile Screens

Room to grow

The goal was to make the style accessible, friendly and inviting for all. After initial discussions and variations trialled and tested, we agreed on what you see here. I also made sure that the design was modular so content pages could grow without the need for the user to learn new behaviours and significant investment in more design & development work.

Jacks Flight Club - Modular Design

An adventure awaits

Travel inspiration can be a significant driver to flight sales. So it was vital that we inspired but also didn’t lose sight of our primary goal, encouraging the booking of flights.

Jack's Flight Club - Vietnam
Jack's Flight Club - Japan
Jack's Flight Club - Your Deals

A refined design and pattern library showing the various states in which deals can appear.

Jack's Flight Club - Buying a Ticket

Little animation elements adding to the positive vibe and enjoyable moments within the new design

Jack's Flight Club - Search

A new feature allowing people to search and find the deals relevant to the holiday they’re looking to book.

Jack's Flight Club - Customer Stories

Customer reviews and stories are critical and increase customer confidence in this product.

Jacks Flight Club

I had to move fast and agile to deliver a new vision

A third party had provided a lot of the research, data and hypothesis. We had a revised sitemap and user flow. I just had to make it come to life.

I always push for real content as much as possible. Having the content made the subsequent prototype and user testing much more accessible.

Jacks Flight Club - Mobile WireframesJacks Flight Club - Mobile Wireframes

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