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Mindful Chef needed two things—a refined web user area and a brand new app to emulate the web experience.

Taking the existing Mindful Chef style guide, I created all the layouts and everything in-between required to move forward.

Mindful ChefMindful Chef - Web Designs

Registered members

Deliveries are weekly, so users needed to have an easy way of updating their weekly recipes without having to find a web browser and log in. So while simultaneously updating the website with improved user flow, I also designed the native mobile app.

Mindful Chef - Product Designs
Mindful Chef

Find the common problems and fix them

Before looking at data and performing user research, I wrote many documents highlighting common visual UX problems that needed to be fixed and variant tested online instantly.

Doing this allowed us to find quick wins and transfer any knowledge to the new native application.

Mindful Chef

Complex prototype

We need to get our new version in the hands of stakeholders and volunteering power users to test the new user flow and journey. We took just under one week of fast feedback loops we reached our MVP.

Mindful Chef - PrototypeMindful Chef - Mobile Wireframes

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