PanMacmillan Publishing


Pan Macmillan's old website was performing poorly in SEO, in the number of user's it was attracting, the number of repeat visitors and the responsive design.

With a rebuild the best course of action, we took it upon ourselves to also update the UI, keeping the site structure, map and layout as it was to reduce time on the rebuild.

Through a series of discovery sessions, we identified the areas that could be improved and where we needed to design and build any additional sections.

PanMac - Recipe Blog Post
PanMac - Guide to Moomins Blog
PanMac - Home Page

For readers on the go

People want information fast. The number of desktop users was shrinking fast for PanMacmillan so it was important to get the mobile layout correct.

PanMac - Home Page Mobile
PanMac - Books For Children Mobile

The results are in...

135% ↑

Increase in new sessions

116% ↑

Increase in site users

116% ↑

Increase in returning visitors

More work...