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Already a highly tuned website for conversion and a successful business, UK Meds had hit the ceiling. They needed to think big and go after a more significant share of the pie.

Turn those mobile visitors into a conversion number that resembled desktop numbers. Research, refocus, redesign, rebuild and PWA - all within three months.

I focussed on one word during this overhaul, and that was: trust. A big part of any transaction is trusting the vendor but especially so when buying prescription drugs online.

With the benefits of PWA, we stripped away everything and started from scratch from the home page to check out to the process involving the doctors and pharmacists who eventually approve the drugs.

UK Meds
UK Meds - Mobile Home Page

Calming illustrations and reassurance messaging were vital in making the design a success.

UK Meds - Purchasing a Product

The design system extremely accessible and usable for all ages. A lot of time was spent finding the right font.

UK Meds - Quick Basket

A high number of customers were power users. For those people we added a quick basket.

UK Meds - Treatment Questions Mobile

We needed to make sure that each purchase was legal. We re-wrote some questions and changed the input field for most.

Trust and safety

A lot of new customers were afraid of ordering online and the possible medication they could receive. At every turn, we made sure to include as much reassurance messaging as possible.

UK Meds - Desktop Homepage
UK Meds - Product Detail Page
UK Meds - Treatment Specific Questions
UK Meds - Quick Basket Desktop

The results are in...

30.01% ↑

Growth in orders

UK Meds - Research

Mobile first

Getting the mobile right was extremely important and the focus of the design thinking and doing. All mobile layouts were created before desktop.

UK Meds - Sitemap and User FlowUK Meds - Mobile Wireframes

The results are in...

30.01% ↑

Growth in orders

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